Overs the years many great players have graced the Oval.
From Strikers such as Macartney and Hughes to Midfielders Neil and Bruce and goal-keepers such as Finlay and Patterson. These are only a few of these players:-

Gary Macartney

Legendary striker Gary Macartney honestly one
of the best strikers I have ever seen. Made chances out of nothing and absolutely tortured the Blues. >>more

Alan Patterson

Glentoran have always has great goalkeepers and Alan Patterson was no exception. Folowing on from Albert Finlay must have been an awesome task but Alan Patterson managed it with ease. >>more

Barney Bowers

Barney Bowers was a typical Glentoran defender he didn't hoof the ball high into the sky he'd control the ball and pass it out of defence he was sheer class. >>more

John Colrain

One of the most successful managers in Glentoran's history
preciding over the 1967,68 championship winning team and the Detroit Cougars. >>more