The First Game in Europe
Glentoran V Real Zaragoza
Real Zaragoza provided the first opposition to Glentoran in Europe.The won 2-0 at the Oval in the first European tie at the Oval on26th Sept 1962. The spanish goals were gift wrapped, coming five minutes before the end of each half: right back Roy Borne turnedthe ball past keeper Roy Rea into the net for the first, the secondresulted from a weak back pass by Billy McCullough, Duca pouncing to send it into the net. Indeed Zaragoza adapted particularly well
to the wet conditions.
Glentoran made a six-hour charter flight for the 10 October return leg at La Romareda Stadium, a trip which Matt Doherty almost missed. Lessthan 24hrs before departure he was still without a passport which had been delayed in the post, worried Glentoran officials succeeded in
arranging an emergency search and the missing document was found.
Skilfully, systematically confidently and with almost contemptuous easeZaragoza sent Glentoran out of the tournament before 25,000 with a 6-2 (aggregate 8-2) win. At the end of it all Glentoran stood asideand generously joined in the applause as Zaragoza acknowleged the
crowd's rapturous reception. Zaragoza with seven changes from Belfast were a well-drilled machine and even when reduced to 10- left half Tucho pulled a muscle in the second half they were a different class.
They mounted every aatack with swiftness, switch with fluency from defence and Glentoran were caught in the wave of aggression and chased shadows.
The Glens had taken the lead in the 10th minute, Billy Neill lobbing the ball forward to Billy Hume who swept it inside for Matt Doherty to volley it into the roof of the net.

Glentoran's first tie in Europe had ended as a lesson given by one of the top Spanish teams but the Glens had learned their lesson and it wouldn't always be this way!