Glentoran have had 40 players who have represented their country. Indeed some have gone onto to gain more international honours following their departure to England, Scotland etc. The list below gives the caps gained while at Glentoran.
Number of Caps Players
6 Billy Emerson
5 Jim Cleary
4 Davy Lyner, Gerry Mullan
3 Jim Lewis, Paddy McCann, George McMaster, Alex McCartney
Hugh Meek, Tommy Morrison, Arthur Stewart
2 Walter Bruce, Jack Burnett, James Connor, Johnny Geary, John Lemon,
Ralph Lawther, Billy McKeag, John McVicker, Jimmy Maxwell, Johnny Scraggs R Crone
1 Billy Andrews, Tom Black, Warren Feeney, Joe Gowdy, Rory Hamill,
Johnny Jamison, James Kelly, Jack Lyttle, English McConnel
Sam McGregor, Hugh McKelvey, James McKnight, John Devine,
Con Martin, Eddie Mitchel, Cecil Moore, B Rea, Fred Roberts